Web3D User Experience (Web3DUX) Workshop

Workshop #1, Web3D User Experience (Web3DUX)



  • Usability of 3D Web Applications
  • Designing VR and AR Systems with Large Scale Adoption in Mind
  • Extension mechanisms of new X3D4 Specification to facilitate and improve UX design
  • Open discussion on best practices and current issues in 3D UX

Keywords. User experience, UX, usability

Abstract. The current global situation, characterized by the Covid-19 pandemic and social distancing as one of the crucial tools used to prevent the spread of the virus, demands new approaches for a number of businesses and industries. Personal physical experiences have been discouraged, and a demand for the virtual presence and virtual experiences is ever increasing. The examples of the significant lines of the market that need that transformation are human team experiences and shopping. Those activities and businesses’ needs are best met with the experiences over the platforms that are already widely available – the Web and personal computing devices like smartphones, tablets, and personal computers. The data format that will play a significant role in satisfying a variety of user needs is three-dimensional (3D) data that can be manipulated and interacted with. However, a significant issue that one has to consider and deal with is the level of readiness of 3D data and application interfaces to support effective and enjoyable experiences by the masses of naïve users. This workshop is dedicated to that very topic.

“Easy to use” imposes a high threshold of effectiveness, which can become an obstacle for making 3D technology available to a typical user and ultimately for being widely adopted. This workshop offers a platform for the researchers to share their most recent studies on the user experience (UX) with 3D technology and showcase the best use cases of user experience with 3D technologies on a diverse set of platforms.

The UX workshop is creating a forum for researchers and practitioners to exchange and discuss experiences on current and emergent 3D web topics, particularly on user experience (UX), and propose future research avenues in this domain.


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