STANDARDS SESSIONS provide a meeting for researchers and practitioners from both the web and 3D multimedia communities to discuss and exchange standardization issues on current and emergent 3D web topics.

VR Cyber Sickness ā€“ Evaluation, Measurement, and Standard (Chair: Dr. Hyun Kyoon Lim, KRISS)
Date/Time: November 14, 2020 at 1-5 pm (Tentative)
Location: Hana Square, Korea University, Seoul, Korea

Beomryol Lee13:00-13:45Cyber Sickness, Prediction and EvaluationETRI
Dongil Seo13:50-14:35IEEE International Standard for Cyber SicknessDeutsche Telekom Capital Partners
Seokhee Oh14:40-15:25Cyber Sickness MeasurementGacheon Univ.
Taekwon Ahn15:30-16:15Smart Healthcare using VRDaejeon Univ.
Hyun Kyoon Lim16:20-17:05Standard Reference Material for VR Sickness EvaluationKRISS
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