STANDARDS SESSIONS provide a meeting for researchers and practitioners from both the web and 3D multimedia communities to discuss and exchange standardization issues on current and emergent 3D web topics.

VR Cyber Sickness ā€“ Evaluation, Measurement, and Standard (Chair: Dr. Hyun Kyoon Lim, KRISS)

Beomryol LeeCyber Sickness, Prediction and EvaluationETRI
Dongil SeoIEEE International Standard for Cyber SicknessDeutsche Telekom Capital Partners
Seokhee OhCyber Sickness MeasurementGacheon Univ.
Taekwon AhnSmart Healthcare using VRDaejeon Univ.
Hyun Kyoon LimStandard Reference Material for VR Sickness EvaluationKRISS