Smart Cities Workshop

Standards Workshop on Representation and Visualization for Smart Cities

Event calendar: Standards Workshop, Smart Cities

The ISO Smart City concept integrates information and communications technology (ICT) and physical devices connected to the network (the Internet of Things or IoT) to optimize the efficiency of city operations and services for its citizens. A smart city uses the transformative power of data and technology to support management and integration of many physical, digital and social systems, thus enhancing their capabilities.

In this workshop, we plan to demonstrate how a standards-based approach can provide effective modeling, simulation, and visualization of Smart Cities. Workshop themes include:

  1. Introduce Smart City and Smart City concepts such as smart energy management, surveillance, traffic management, smart health, smart buildings, and smart home.
  2. Identify types of data and information required to represent and visualize a Smart City.
  3. Present a range of information presentation and visualization techniques supporting Smart City data.
  4. Focus on application of ISO/IEC standards to cross-cutting use cases for compelling Smart City challenges and needs.
  5. Provide examples that demonstrate the power of “mashup” information analysis using interactive visualization to gain insights.

Program Contributions (to date)

  • ISO/IEC JTC 1 /SC24/WG10 Representation and Visualization for Smart City Peter Ryan (20 mins)
  • Health Information for VR Smart City – Myeong Won Lee and Seung-Pyo Lee (20 mins)
  • Visualizing Data and Metadata: X3D Graphics for Smart City Information Portrayal, Don Brutzman (20 mins)
  • Defining the requirements for 3D visualization standards in City Information Modelling, Michael Mulquin (20 min)
  • Additional contributions are under consideration.
  • Group and panel discussion (30 minutes)


Additional submissions for this workshop program are requested to provide the following information. Please send all information to workshop organizers listed below.

  • Title of presentation
  • Short summary
  • Name, affiliation and contact information for each presenter